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laureati in economia:premi e riconoscimenti

Our graduates in Economics continue their doctoral studies in Italy and abroad, achieving success in admission to doctorates at prestigious universities, and have received awards and recognition at international level.

Marco Brianti won the 2014 Mortara grant from the Bank of Italy and is now studying at Boston College. Alex Tagliabracci has been selected as particularly deserving in the same scholarship in 2013 (there are usually 2 winners and 6 particularly deserving). Maddalena Cavicchioli won the prize for the best doctoral thesis in economics of the Italian Society of Economists in 2013 and 2015 won the Cournot scholarship, a scholarship awarded following the selection of applications made directly by the Nobel Prize Robert Solow. Pietro Dallari was hired by the International Monetary Fund in 2015 after obtaining his PhD in Pompeu Fabre. Both Marco Brianti and Maddalena Cavicchioli were awarded by our university at the inauguration (Maddalena more than once). Alex Tagliabracci is doing his doctorate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Iacopo Varotto at the Queen Mary in London.

Tell us more successes and achievements, thank you!