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Where our graduates studied, worked/work

Unfortunately, we do not have the complete placement data for our graduates. However, we know from the contacts we have managed to maintain that several of them have had access in recent years to high level Italian and international doctorates, including Boston College, Madrid (Carlos III), Barcelona (Pompeu Fabre and Autonoma), Essex, Cologne, Bologna, Venice, Modena.

Among the former students who have already completed their doctorate, one has recently been hired by the International Monetary Fund and a former student is successfully following her academic career. A student of the course in Evaluation, after having obtained her doctorate in Labour Relations in Modena, recently won the competition for manager in management control at the largest Health Authority in Rome. This evidence, although not systematic, shows that our best graduates have access to good Italian and European higher education programs, which allow excellent career opportunities.

Masters and PhDs

Our graduates continued their master's degree at SSS.Anna in Pisa, Warwick, and postgraduate's course in Environmental and Green Management at Il Sole.

They have won doctoral fellowships at the following universities: Autonoma Barcelona, Bari, Bologna, Boston, Carlos III, CERGE-EI Prague, Cologne, Essex, IMT-Lucca, Modena, Pompeu Fabra, Venice.

They have worked or are working in public and private institutions:

  • Accenture Bologna
  • Antitrust (praticantato presso la direzione agroalimentari)
  • Assegno ricerca Unimore
  • AUSL Roma-Controllo di gestione
  • Business Process Management Trainee - Coopselios
  • Cariparma, Ufficio studi e comunicazione finanzaria
  • Caritas Reggio Emilia
  • Centro studio Sintesi
  • Comune di Castelnuovo
  • Construction and maintenance administrative account presso Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A.
  • Contratto di apprendistato in un asilo in UK
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Ospedale Oslo
  • Planning & Performance Procurement presso GDF SUEZ Energia Italia
  • Prometeia Bologna
  • Research Assistant presso reteSviluppo. Bologna
  • Servizio Studi della Ragioneria generale dello Stato (MEF) dove si occupato di Scuola
  • Ufficio Affari Generali - Lapam Modena Centro
  • Ufficio commerciale Trs evolution - Trussardi italia

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