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Careers opportunities

This master’s degree program is aimed at preparing economists with a strong theoretical and empirical foundation, which will equip them for the challenges of the public and private sectors

Graduates will be regarded as “economic experts” and find employment within the following organizations:

  • research departments of public and private institutions;
  • trade or professional associations;
  • credit institutions;
  • local bodies and companies.

Graduates can also apply for national and international PhD programs needed to cover high-profile roles within national and international economic organizations or to pursue a career in academia.

Other career opportunities can be found in the field of applied economics. Graduates will be able to respond to the needs of those institutions wishing to know whether their policies will attain the established objectives.

Furthermore, they will be able to work as program evaluation experts within research centers in the following teams:

  • planning and monitoring unit managers in public administration offices
  • business experts and consultants for trade and volunteering associations, trade unions and foundations.

Our graduates are part of an ever-growing community that maintains active links with faculty and fellow students - an opportunity to better address the challenges of change in academia and society. See the Alumni section