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International research for foreign students

International students are welcomed to develop their master thesis in collaboration with the Faculty members of the Master in Economics and Public Policies

Students interested in submitting a proposal have to fill the on line form.  

A selection of general topics is listed below, with the name of the reference person 

Topic Faculty member
Income distribution, poverty, tax-benefit systems, personal income taxation BALDINI  Massimo 
Economics of institutions; Political Economy; Comparative Development  BERTOCCHI  Graziella 
Regional, rural and urban development; Agrofood; European Policies BERTOLINI  Paola 
Signaling models with applications to industrial organization; Empirical analysis of technical inefficiency; Game theory, behavioral economics BRIGHI  Luigi 
Business cycle and macroeconomic policy: empirical applications FORNI  Mario [President of the degree programme]
Environment and sustainability; Social economy and cooperation; Industrial and agrofood economics GIOVANNETTI  Enrico 
The governance of public services delivery (Actors, roles, solutions adopted and effects); The use of ICTs in Public Sector entities PATTARO Anna Francesca 
Judicial review of legislation; Institutions of citizens' political participation PINARDI Roberto
Econometric analysis for macroeconomics and finance  » PISTORESI  Barbara 
Applied Macroeconomics; Business Cycle Fluctuations; Structural VARs  RIBBA  Antonio 
Analysis and modelling of innovation policies; Evaluation of local development policy; Socio-economic consequences of natural disasters: theories, models data RUSSO  Margherita 
Legal drafting; Regional autonomy SCAGLIARINI  Simone 
Public finance; higher education (finance, students support, quality assurance); program evaluation SILVESTRI  Paolo 
Mathematical methods in economics ZAFFARONI  Alberto 

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