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Legality and territory 2020 edition: EPP students in the top position

Irene Pachera, a student in Economics and Public Policy, won the second edition of the prize promoted by the municipality of Modena. Awards for two other students, out of 12 participants.

Undeclared employment in the province of Modena is the theme of the paper with which Irene Pachera, a student at the "Marco Biagi" Faculty of Economics, won the second edition of the "Legality and Territory" study award, promoted by the Municipality of Modena and aimed at students and PhD students at the Faculties of Law and Economics of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

In addition to the prize for the winner's study (entitled "Investigation into the relationship between citizens and the competent authorities on the subject of undeclared employment: an in-depth study of the province of Modena"), special mentions were also given to Lara Campana, a student in Economics for her study "Gambling between gambling and illness", and Giuseppe Caruso, a doctoral student also in Economics, for his study "Identikit of the modern gambler: a statistical analysis".

The prizes were awarded (in compliance with the security measures imposed by the Covid-19) by the Councillor for Legal Policies, Andrea Bosi, on the afternoon of Friday 11 December in the Town Hall, together with Professor Elio Tavilla, Director of the Department of Law, and Maria Di Matteo, General Secretary of the Municipality, who were video-linked. In presenting the prizes, worth 1,500 euros for the winner and 1,000 euros for the two special mentions, Councillor Bosi emphasised the high level of student participation in the second edition of the Prize, which saw 12 studies presented compared to five in the first edition, and highlighted "the value of cultural work, such as that carried out on this occasion, to promote a culture of legality that makes it possible to prevent the phenomena of illegality and corruption linked in particular to the mafias".

The prize, which is part of the broader 'Legality and Territory' project, aims to promote a culture of responsible citizenship against organised crime through knowledge and in-depth study. It is aimed at students and doctoral candidates from the Unimore Faculty of Law and Economics, who are asked to submit an unpublished paper on the issues of tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering, legality and prevention of corruption, irregular employment and, from the second edition, gambling.

The "Legality and Territory" project is financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region as part of the Integrated Plan of Actions for the promotion of the culture of legality and responsible citizenship and the prevention of organised and mafia crime and corruption. In addition to the Prize for university students, the project has seen the strengthening of the activity of the Table for Legality, established in January 2018 to give systematicity and expand the actions already undertaken over the years by the Administration, in which representatives of the economic and productive world, professional orders and the network of associations that already collaborate with the Municipality participate.